Social Media: Tip of an Iceberg



This random train of thought has been brewing in me for a while now, and it sort of began after I went to my Summer Ball in nice dresses and all of that. Oh lordy, how many pictures that we took that night, and no one has been more eager to upload them onto Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and other types of social media I can’t keep up with nowadays #oldage. People must think what wonderful lives we all live. But that is the only minor part of our lives that we decide to share online; the interesting, glamorous part. It is an obvious thing to do, and it has now become a culture in itself. No one is going to share the hoodrat-style hangover day after, are they? Maybe, ya know, profile pic that raw beauty. lol

I’m not saying that it is a crime anyone is guilty of, but it’s simply a social tendency to portray yourself in the best manner in public. Whether it is when you are all dressed up to go out or posting pictures of an enviable five-star holiday, business-class/first-class plane tickets, or gourmet dishes, naturally you would want to paint a trouble-free and fascinating life. I mean, why not? We all do it.

But what I don’t understand is the fact that “we” thrive on social approval. Nothing gets “us” more excited than the red/orange notification sign for the number of ‘likes’ we are receiving. Is that what we have become now? It just frustrates me when an amazing real-life experience is overshadowed by the social need to share it with media. God knows the number of times I have seen people go out to restaurants to only get great photos of exotic Michelin-starred meals – do you even eat/enjoy it? Oh, and since when did holidays become primarily people’s personal photoshoots, not for future memories but for sharing at that moment and receiving comments like “so jealous :(“, etc. For some reason, pleasure now exists on a new invisible sphere, and less for the place and time itself.

One other thing that I want to say is on the rest of iceberg. It has occured to me that the beauty of great relationships/friendships nowadays lies in sharing of the triviality and ugliness, in the intervals between what we portray on social media. Nothing bonds people more than a common experience of a hangover, especially when you are able to brave exposing the fifty shades of mess to each other. I guess it is a super cheesy thing to say, but the existence of this new social dimension only makes the physical world more worthy.

Right now I’m laughing at myself for how this post has progressed and how philosophical and pessimistic I have become. It started off being a post on how we don’t really share the negative/boring sides of ourselves, but woah, I did not realize how dramatic I sounded as I wrote on. Anyways, I’m not criticizing social media for what it does, but when you live FOR it, there’s a problem right there.



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